Friday, March 30, 2007

Senator Lieberman wrong on Iraq!

Add another wrong voice on Iraq and the conditions on the ground. This time it's Senator Joe Lieberman. This morning it is reported that Senator Lieberman said, the President's new strategy has "successfully decreased violence in Iraq". What are these guys smoking?

I wrote the same points about Senator McCain the other day as seen below:

At Noon today on the Senate Floor Senator John McCain has made several pronouncements:
"Iraq already showing signs of improvement."
"Already showing signs it (the new strategy) will succeed."
"It's not making more casualties"

He says all this is being done at the same time the Senate is reconsidering surrendering in Iraq with this upcoming vote today on funding for the war tied into a set timetable for withdrawal. He says not all things are going well and we all know the negatives, as we see them every day. But there are good signs that things are improving.

Senator, have you been keeping track of U.S. fatalities this month compared to past years. Well here is some indisputable data:

March 2005 35
March 2006 31
March 2007 so far 79 soldiers! This is more than both 2005 and 2006 years combined.

Does this mean the struggle is succeeding? Give me a break Senator and stop making up the facts.

UPDATE: 4:45PM P.S.T. CNN Correspondent Michael Ware in a response to Situation Room's Wolf Blitzer's question, "McCain is all wrong on conditions currently in Iraq" and that he, Ware, discussed McCain's remarks to senior Military people and they laughed at McCain's proclamations. McCain also said today that General Petraeus can drive around Baghdad easily and doesn't need armor plated Humvee's and that you can walk around safely in some neighborhoods. Ware disputes all of McCain's claims and is in Baghdad all the time. McCain is losing touch and votes for his Presidential bid with his denial of current conditions in Iraq.


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