Monday, August 17, 2009

Dick Armey's FreedomWorks wants freedom. Where were they during the Bush years?

I watched Dick Armey on Meet the Press yesterday and his defense of his aims to get government out of healthcare. His belief is that we shouldn't even have Medicare as he is against it, as well. He believes in "Freedom" from government intervention of any kind. So where was he when President Bush was spying on Americans using wiretaps? Where was he when President Bush was wanting to go into Iraq? Where was he when President Bush was spending like crazy and raising the debt of this country to historic proportions under a Republican Congress? I'll tell you he and his group were no where to be found nor heard from during the debate.

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Anonymous Minneloushe / Jerry said...

Charles, the right wing abhors spending on anything other than the military, or whatever may be conducive to the maintenance of Empire. I have come to the conclusion that Armey and his smarmy (David?)Brooks-Brothers army are locked into old-fashioned, zero-sum thinking: "Us OR them." The idea of the "other" as human, as being just like you and me ("Us AND them") is a distant, very abstract concept, incompatible with empire. The smaller the group with which one identifies (my family; my high school; my local team; my region; my country), the smaller one's conception of what god is. There is certainly no emphasis on the Golden Rule, nor on loving thy neighbor as thyself, as far as I can see. They have created a version of "God" in their own image, and pray to it loudly and in public, so as to be seen of men. Self-justification to maintain this Weltanschauung requires them to erect a vast array of cognitive dissonant constructs, constantly fed by the mass media. After all, it is not easy these days believing that the Sun revolves around the Earth. It requires immense effort. And ignorance: "Keep your government hands off my Medicare" is the result. And Tina Fey is probably the only one to extract a benefit from this. / jw

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