Saturday, September 05, 2009

Dear Mr. President: Stand tall on Healthcare and against Republican attempts to derail the Public Option

I thought the Civil War was settled back in the 1800's. It seems today, with the minority Republican party of the South, they are fighting it again today. Their hate speech has made me wonder what country I live in, as it doesn't seem like the country I grew up in, and then again, it does. I remember the prejudice against blacks in the 50's living in Boston. It was in Boston as well as the South, but it looked different even though it didn't feel different for many Black's living there.

Well, I am getting sick and tired of the return of those feelings as the Republican Party of the South seems to be against almost anything associated with Barack Obama. I do distinguish those Republicans of the North as different than those in the South. The latest "outrage" is the planned address to students in schools across the country by President Obama on Tuesday. Their outrage is based they say on the fact they don't want President Obama pushing his "socialist" agenda on their children. They say they haven't seen the speech and want to review it before it is delivered. They say he is going to push his policy on the right to abortions. Are these people mentally competent? Of course they aren't. They pass for what was wrong with their education when they grew up intolerant of others and they want that agenda front and center today. These supposed well educated people don't believe in Global Warming, Evolution, the law, the Constitution (only the part about the right to bear arms and carry guns to a Presidential speech), that President Obama was born in the United States, that President Obama's healthcare plan is not going to kill seniors using death panels and other things to name a few.

I am afraid this country has headed, and we have arrived, at an Un-Civil War, where words are used to smear and defame good people and a President, duly elected by a majority of its people, and take down tis President in any way they can. Talk of secession in Texas is just one sign where these people's heads are at. I say let them go secede, as we would all be better of without them. Let them be a part of Mexico, if Mexico will have them.

The Republicans of the South use bullying tactics against non-violent Democrats and Independents. They are proud to use weapons to settle their arguments. They are very dangerous, but we should not cower from their challenge to what we believe in, either. That is why President Obama needs to endorse the Public Option for Healthcare next week, in his speech. The Republicans will give him no quarter on anything they believe they can stop him. This appeasement will do nothing but encourage them to continue even harder to destroy his agenda and him. The best way to deal with them is to stand tall and strong even if we lose this fight as the American people do want reform and change we can believe in and we will be stronger in the midterm election and the next Presidential election and defeat them and ensure that many more people will be helped and healthcare costs will have been managed down. Mr. President don't cave in to the crazy ones. We will stand with you if you stand tall. But it is first up to you to lead by example.

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