Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy's passing: A sad day indeed.

As many of you know, I grew up in Boston and when I was a kid, I use to shovel snow for the Kennedy's Mom. It is a sad day indeed to lose Senator Ted Kennedy. He is the last of the great Kennedy's of my generation, with Eunice, Ted's sister, dying only a few weeks ago. I remember when Jack was assassinated. All of Dorchester, a suburb south of Boston, as well as the rest of the country mourned his loss and were infuriated at the way it happened. Then the assassination of his brother Bobby, another tragedy and great loss for our country. And now we lose the last of a band of brothers who so loved this country and devoted themselves to the betterment of society while they were alive. Yes, Teddy will be missed by all of those who benefited from their generosity and kindness. I will miss him too and the family's contribution to the welfare and well being of society. The only ones who will not miss him is the far Right of the Republican party. They will quietly be dancing in the streets, as Teddy was a thorn in many of their sides, and thank God he was.

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Blogger Mac said...

Right on, Bill! Keep it coming. Your voice carries the refreshing sound of the TRUTH.

Mac C. (Friend of Tom H.)

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Minneloushe said...

Charles, I agree. EMK is a life redeemed, a soul redeemed. Now the Republicans will use his ability to work with them to bludgeon Obama - already one old friend bashes Obama by saying he is not bi-partisan as Ted Kennedy was. This is such Newspeak, it is infuriating. The Republicans with whom Ted Kennedy was able to deal were less ... extravagant, I think, than today's rightwing leadership. You cannot be bi-partisan with those who will not budge. Today, the Republicans are not interested in meeting in the middle.
All the best. / jw

5:02 AM  

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