Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Healthcare debate: President Obama can learn something from Republicans!

The difference between Republicans and Democrats can be summarized in a very simple simple way. Republicans play to win in everything they do and Democrats play not to lose. If the Republicans were leading healthcare reform, there wouldn't be any compromise with Democrats and they would continually be adding new ideas to what they wanted passed. They would be scaring people into voting for their plan because, they would say, the country needed this reform and it was the patriotic thing to do. The Democrats on the other hand, start with a lofty set of ideas and piece by piece start eliminating sections of it in their fear of not offending the opposition. The Republicans are willing to change the Rules of the Senate and anything else they can think of, including provisions which violate our Constitutional rights, to win. The Democrats already concede they need 60 votes to the Republicans to pass this legislation, instead of the 50 votes normally used for majority rule. It's time for the Democrats and President Obama to grow some big ones and be willing to do the same! Change the game right now and go it alone because you will own it anyway. Better it be something you want than be explaining why it didn't work later. If not now, when? Now is the time. What better time to be willing to change the Rules than for a noble cause.

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