Sunday, November 01, 2009

Markets will be down for the coming week. Why?

I have been thinking about the market drop on Friday on accelerated volume. I was trying to come up with some possible reasons which have not ben the usual suspects. This is difficult to do as I have been expecting this pullback for months and I seen signs everywhere that things aren't going to get better any time soon on the economy even though Wall St. seems to defy Main St. So what did I come up with this time and what would be the rationale that this time the market drop is for real and will continue at least for Monday or Tuesday and then possibly on Friday.

So first, Treasury Secretary Geithner was interviewed on Meet the Press by david Gregory. Geithner when pressed seem to say Unemployment will continue to rise even while the economy is recovering as employment is a lagging indicator. But there was more in Geithner's head tilting, a sign of not wanting to answer directly the questions as he knows more than he is saying. I think Geithner knows that next weeks announced Unemployment numbers for October are going to take us over 10% and then the heat will be on. That happens on Friday I believe.

But besides that big piece of news, there are elections being held in several States for Mayor's and for Governors as well as a Congressional opening in Upstate NY, which will reflect a defeat for Democrats which Republicans will play up with the media, as they should. One can rationalize President Obama has had only a short time to fix the problems and one could argue that he may have made some problems worse. But that will be decided by historians and I am not a historian. But I believe that this gives impetus for the markets to correct specifically at this time. It is before Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas Shopping season, so the damage might not be that much of a drag on business than what the economic conditions are already saying about Consumer Spending this year. So what better time for a correction.

This is also in advance of proposed legislation for Regulatory reforms which have already passed Rep. Barney Franks Committee. There is nothing Wall Street would like more to do than to cause alarm to be slow about imposing additional regulations as the market is fragile, they will say. Gee, all this at a time when Executive Compensation is being ratcheted down in 7 of the largest firms bailed out by the Fed. Oh, and late me remind you that this past Friday was the end of the year for many Funds. So, yes, this is the best time politically, financially, economically and emotionally to have this correction. It is all part of the manipulation we have come to expect. To me it is long overdue and I have been saying so for months. But heck, what do I know, I'm only the 200 lb. Gorilla in the room. :) Yes, the market should end down for the week. Hedging with some ETF Shorts might be a smart play for some quick profit.

My Direxion 3x Short of the Russell index, symbol TZA, was finally up for a week. It went up 19.4% since last Friday, Oct.23rd. I see it going up another 20-30% this week as well. It closed Friday at $14.28/share. The ETF of the Financials, symbol FAZ, also moved up this week gaining 18.5% since Oct. 23rd.

The NIKKEI has taken the lead tonight and is down over 250 points. The reason for this can be twofold. First, it could be a reaction from the Dow drop on Friday but it could also be because CIT has announced it is declaring bankruptcy protection.

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