Thursday, January 21, 2010

The end of America as we knew it. Blame the Supreme Court

What a week this has been. Today, the Supreme Court erased all restrictions on Corporations for contributions to elections in the form of money, which, according to the Court equates to allowing free speech. They can't give a direct contribution to a candidate (yet!), but can run as many ads and make any documentaries they like, on any campaign issue or about any candidate like the Swift Boat ads were against Sen. Kerry. God, you know what that means? It means that, as of today, Corporations own the vote and your vote is no longer valid. They can spend as much money as they want, to fund anyone's campaign and outspend any person or group of persons. That infers they can buy the votes more easily than they have. Forget about America's Freedoms. You don't have any freedoms left except to leave the country except to hope that we can appoint new Supreme Court Justices who will over rule this decision. But the Corporations will now control much as to who runs and gets elected and will support candidates that favor continuation of this ruling. We're screwed! This is a new form of slavery in my view.

The last hope we had was to remove corporations and their lobbyists from elections and influencing politicians. Now the Supreme Court has opened the door wide. I am sick over this! Don't tell me it doesn't matter who is on the Supreme Court and who gets to fill the open seats. It is the most important decision of a Presidency and Bush got to name 2, Alito and Roberts, both who voted in favor of this ruling along with Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy

Yes voters will be even more mad than they were in Tuesday's election in Massachusetts for the former Senate seat of Ted Kennedy. This morning I got this from someone I love and respect there and they speak for many. Here is their take on the election:

"The bank tax will be a good idea, but the people of Mass just heard about it when the president came to visit.

Maybe I can give you little background on why the people here voted for Brown. It all started when we were never aloud to vote for what constitutes a marriage. How do they know how the liberal state of Mass would have voted, but the legislature wouldn't give us a chance. Is this America or what!!! We have health care for 90% of our people and the health cost in our state are astronomical. Most young families have a $5000.00 deductable. We don't know if the new health care plan is any good because there is no transparency. Our unemployment is high and our housing market is a mess....No one feels secure, not even at our airport. Our tax dollars are going to protect terrorist instead of everyday people. I could go on but I will just say, Brown even won in Ted Kennedy's district.

I don't believe people think the president is arrogant, but he should have kept his compaign promise of transparency. "

That sums it up from this individual and speaks for many in Massachusetts. Add this action by the Supreme Court today and people will feel even more powerless. The worst thing that ever happened was giving Corporations the status on individuals, except no bad Corporation can go to jail, like individuals can.

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Blogger Minneloushe said...

Amen, Charles. The idea that a corporation is a "person" legally, with all the rights of a person, is totally absurd.

But - where to move ? Some day, perhaps, 'old Europe', but it is hard to leave so many friends behind - and Europe is incredibly expensive.

Maybe we should all just buy an old farm in Burgundy, renovate it together, and till the soil.


8:03 AM  

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