Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Hospital relief efforts for Haiti are sub standard and expose problems within our Government

Here's something to think about in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Here we are 5 days after the quake and the U.S. still has not set up outdoor Hospitals to handle the injured. I know President Obama has ordered all resources be applied of the U.S. Government to this disaster, so it's not his fault. But consider this response by Isreal. They have an outdoor Hospital set up and it has Respirators, and medical equipment running off generators. What we have set up is nothing! It makes me thinK that FEMA and other Emergency units of government need better training and more competent individuals in charge. When Katrina happened we all blamed Bush and an incompetent head of FEMA nicknamed "Brownie". Could it be the problem goes down the entire organization? A Congressional audit is in order and it needs to be bipartisan.

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