Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Republican Party has not accepted the election of President Obama. It's a disgrace!

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas wants to revert to an earlier time by repealing the 17th Amendment which allowed for 2 Senators to be elected from each State. He wants to have the States "appoint" rather than elect a Senator by its citizens. Seems like many on the far right of the Republican Party are trying to replay the Civil War. They don't want the "Union" deciding any more. They want their States to have the power again.

And with all this hate speech and slurs out there being pushed by the Republican Party and the Tea Baggers, they are trying to instigate violence by their rhetoric. Even today Sarah Palin has shown her map of the U.S. with "Cross Hair" marks on Districts where Democrats who voted for the Healthcare plan have made her "Hit List". She Tweeted a message saying, "Don't Retreat -- Reload!"

There are inferences here that these Democrats who voted for Healthcare Insurance reform should be "eliminated. This isn't Free Speech, any more than yelling Fire in a theater is. It is as dangerous and serious and needs to be condemned by reasonable people. There is no place for violence in dealing with differences of opinions. We need calm voices of reason from the leadership of the Republican party lead by Rep. John Boehner, Rep. Eric Cantor and other Republicans, with the leaders of the Democrats, speaking out together. This is important, especially when 10 members of Congress have had death threats to them and their families. It is no surprise that the leader of the lunatic fringe, Rush Limbaugh, is fueling the flames also, when he said this the other day after the passage of the Healthcare Bill, "These people need to be eliminated. Wiped out". This is insane!

It's time to stop this before someone is hurt or killed. Those who don't speak out against this share in the responsibility and consequences to our Country.

UPDATE: Thursday March 25th 6:15pm PST

The Healthcare Bill designed to reconcile the differences between the House of Representatives and the Senate has just passed the House and the fixes passed in a final vote of 219 to 207 votes. Alan Grayson, Democrat from Florida, was the last one to vote for the Bill. The President will now sign the fixes and make it law. Meanwhile, the inflammatory rhetoric subsided somewhat today. Let's hope going into the weekend and the Congressional recess, things will become more civil and hopefully more bipartisan.

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Blogger Vic Cebollero said...

Anyone who calls for the silencing of the minority is not an American. The protection of the minority is what our republic is about and why we are not simply a democracy, we are Democratic Republic. This idea of a republic is why we have courts and not lynch mobs. I personally don't care for the Health Care Bill on the grounds that it serves the corporations better than the people. Why must we endure this corporatism any longer? We are a capitalist society not a socialist society, but when corporations control our government we lose our republic. This is the fight of our generation, one that has been waged going back to 1776 when we fought over independence, not from England but rather the Bank of England for the right to print our own currency. Lets start by boycotting the Big Corporations in every way we can. Eventually, "Rome will have to come to us".

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