Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A philosophical view of the stock market and commentary.

Yesterday's market action was a function of fluctuations in currency movement and the same could happen today, according to Art Cashin of UBS Warburg on CNBC this morning. I don't know if that was the cause but there was a surge of the dollar at the open yesterday and, within an hour of the close, the Dollar dropped. Theses fluctuations are expected to continue as Europeans settle in on what they think about the Euro now in light of the 1 Trillion bailout of EU zone countries.

Having said that, we continue to be in a negative frame of mind in US markets. Today the PPI number for April came in at -0.1%, which is deflationary in itself. That continues to plague our economy as we have had negative CPI or zero CPI with all the money and stimulus the Fed has been actively creating. Even with this major effort, there appears to be deflation worries continuing and so far the Fed has not managed to abate this concern. Inflation watchers, rightfully so, keep looking for inflation to rear its ugly head. It has in effect with the rise in Gold and other precious metals, but not enough to turn the tide in the direction of inflation. There is contention on this topic in most Cable programs based upon commentary by their guests.

You would think this would be the most ideal time to pay down Federal Debt with nearly zero interest rates, but it appears for political reasons we prefer to pay the debt down when interest rates rise and the pain is greater. I just don't understand the shortsightedness of Americans. I do understand the politics of the situation, as we are a democracy where politicians are working to get re-elected immediately after winning an election and pain means sure defeat at the polls. Which is why the pain caused by our lack of backbone in dealing with these issues at a logical time is not great enough to make us move into action. That is why we had a Great Depression and why we are destined to repeat history again, unfortunately. This is why I favor the view the markets will drop significantly and shake us to the core as the excesses of the 80's to the first part of the 21st Century will shape a new generation of true fiscal conservatives. We need a cleansing and we are going to have one. That is why the markets do follow Elliott wave Theory and are based on Fibonacci numbers. It is based upon the very nature of man (and woman).

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