Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's happening in politics this year? One word, shakeup!

The political parties are scrambling for change, at least that is what is happening in the Republican Party. It is being split apart with the Tea Party movement. It is difficult to tell at this moment if these changes in the long run will be beneficial. However, when people start to get involved and taking the phrase "power of the people" to new heights, it is indeed good for democracy. So those who believe on the right that true Conservatism was abandoned by the Bush Administration are correct, as more money was spent that we didn't have, than in any other presidency as far back as you can go. It seems Fiscal Conservatism is coming back in vogue by the efforts of the Tea party and proposed and articulated by Republican Rep. Ron Paul, who is a Libertarian in philosophy. I think we can all agree that irresponsible spending hurts our country more than even terrorism. We have amassed so much debt, we are not much better off than many countries in Europe like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Great Britain. This was the cause of the ousting of Gordon Brown as Prime Minister. Living within one's means is what is required of us all. So I think this is all for the good as I see it within the Republican sphere.

So now let me look at the Democrats. There has not been any such movement on the left in the Democratic Party. I would have thought that there are social liberals but fiscal Conservatives out there who would push the Democrats more, and unfortunately, none have shown up to date. One way in which we could have more bipartisanship as was demonstrated yesterday, when Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was able to get a Bill passed to have a one time AUDIT of the Federal Reserve from the years 2007 to 2010. The Bill passed 96-0, which is unheard of since President Obama got elected. Republicans and Democrats can work together as long as both Parties use the common language and philosophy of Fiscal Conservatism to rule the country. The Party's can fight over social issues but come together for the good of all on Fiscal issues such as reducing the National Debt and using PAYGO to approve any spending Bills. There is common ground here if Progressives seize the moment to work cooperatively with Tea Party advocates, and Libertarians, to get us back on track as a country, from the spending of this and previous administrations. I show 2 charts tonight. Oner is of the National Debt increase since Reagan. and the other is a chart of Debt versus GDP by Country. This last graph may be difficult to see so blow it up as it is worth it.

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