Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dow Intraday pointing down while TZA pointing up (Update)

The Dow Intraday chart today, June 8th, is pointing to go lower, as can be seen by the chart above. As you can see by my identification of the "W" pattens and the slant of the "W" the direction to follow.

In addition I have placed a 2 month chart of TZA. For those new here, TZA is an ETF Ultra Short of the Russell 2000 Index. It is a Triple movement Ultra Short. TZA goes in the opposite direction of the Russell. So if the Russell 2000 drops 1%, TZA goes up 3%. As you can see from the chart below, this "W" pattern is slanted up and so is TZA. It has made a breakout to the upside. You might even want to look at a 1 year chart of TZA. Do yuo think money could be made here? :)

UPDATE 12:30pm
Well as you look at the Intraday of the Dow below you can see the last "W" pattern is slanting down. This usually says we are going lower than the bottom right leg of the "W". Notice the other "W" patterns did follow through on the direction of the slant after the "W" was formed. We shall see!

Update: 1:15pm Market closed
Well I made a mistake as I was in too much of a rush today in my last 1/2 hour update. I missed the larger "W" pattern which had formed and was so focused on the tiny one I forgot that the larger "W pattern slanted up. I drew it in with a Red dash line. I am very sorry for the error. I will take my time next time and not rush. No excuses. I'm just surprised that no one called me on it and pointed it out. You had your chance. Next time. :)

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