Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sanctions against North Korea? How many are in the U.S's bag?

OK, every time North Korea does something we don't approve of, and the pursuit of Nuclear Weapons seems on the top of the list, we threaten them with new Sanctions. So here's my question. How many more sanctions could we employ? Let the American people and North Korea see what we are considering in total, rather than in piecemeal. If you want to stop someone from doing something and you are threatening them with some action, wouldn't it be wise to share all of what sanctions we are considering if you wanted to get them to stop. Otherwise they continue to build more nuclear material for bombs and also Missiles to deliver them. We either can or can't influence them, short of war. Oh and while we are at it, what about what we are willing to do regarding China and her role in this? You see I think it is all nothing but show for the American people as we are not willing to go to war over this, unless North Korea used a Nuclear Missile. I don't even think we would go to war with them if they shared the technology with others, because they already have with Iran and now Miramar (Burma). Quite honestly, I think Americans are getting tired of this strategy used by every Administration, Republican and Democrat alike. Don't you?

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