Sunday, December 05, 2010

Healthcare costs: This should get your attention!

These charts on Healthcare costs will just stun you, as they did to me. I would love to know how each of you interpret what you are seeing on these charts as much is in how one interprets them. Let me hear some comments on this one and let's start a dialogue. When you first post your comment I must look at it before it is posted to ensure that there is no bad language in what you write. So please have patience and I will post every comment as long as it is respectful. The first chart is titled, "Health Care Costs as percent of GDP vs Year".

These charts are from jameyer's photostream at Flicker at this web site
This next chart below is titled, "Health Care Costs as a percent of GDP vs Year with US Presidential Terms"

This third chart is titled, "Health Care Costs: 1950-2010"

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Blogger Minneloushe said...

Clinton and now Obama seem at least by this chart to slow down the explosive growth. Still, we need a single payer option to make the system really effective. We also should pay our medical professional by salary, rather than by procedure, in my opinion. So, let's expand Medicare, and make it available to all.

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