Saturday, May 28, 2011

Market comments and a little of politics for Memorial Day weekend.

OK, the stock market month of May ends after the close of trading on Tuesday. Yesterday the Put to Call ratio closed at the lowest level since January 13th, Friday closing at a 0.70 reading. Also the Intraday low of that day, hit 0.56 at 10:00am EST. This might be another signal that next week expect a selloff to a lower low of at or below 12,200 on the Dow, at or below 1300 on the SP 500, at or below 2700 on the Nasdaq and 800 or below for the Russell 2000. If this happens, you can count on a continued decline with lower highs and lower lows occurring as we approach the critical legislation required to increase the debt limit ceiling for our Government. This legislation must be approved no later than the first week of August.

On a side note, it is ridiculous that this debt ceiling legislation is being held hostage by Republicans because even if Democrats folded and agreed to every single debt reduction the Republicans want to make, including destroying Medicare, the debt ceiling would have to be raised.

I want to salute all those who have served in the service of our country and especially the Armed Forces and various branches of our Military. We have paid a dear price in blood and treasure for our freedoms, even while several freedoms have been restricted for the sake of fighting the "War on Terror". Even this week an extension of the Patriot Act was enacted by Congress and signed by the President. You would think with the ability to Wiretap and listen into conversations both domestic and foreign, we would have built some strong cases against those on Wall Street who have scammed the government and the American people of Trillions in tax dollars. Most in the Middle Class are struggling to survive because of the financial crisis, caused by these so called professionals. The only person in jail is Bernie Madoff. It makes me sick. But for now, enough of politics for the moment. :)

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