Sunday, July 10, 2011

Negotiations break down on raising debt ceiling and reducing the deficit

According to CNN and Bloomberg report this morning, the budget talks have broken down between the Republican Congress, represented by Speaker John Boehner, and the President. According to reports, "House Speaker John Boehner said he will pursue a smaller deficit reduction accord than the one that President Barack Obama is seeking, ($4 Trillion in reductions), because the White House won’t approve a bigger deal without tax increases."

This is a missed opportunity and is a major disappointment for our country. To not raise some taxes at this time is irresponsible by Republicans. The data this week shows we are not in good shape. The Unemployment rate rose to 9.2% from 9.1% in May. Other data includes the following: Initial Jobless Claims for the past week were still above 400K at a reading of 418K, Wholesale Inventories were up from 1.1% in April to 1.8% in May, the Average work week was down from 34.4 to 34.3 hrs, Hourly Earnings were flat at 0% for June, only 18K Non Farm Payroll jobs were created for June, and lastly, the ISM services data came in at 53.3 for June from 54.6 in May. This was not a good week to inspire confidence in our economy.

Watch all Futures markets for a major sell-off this week. While there might be a deal to accept the cuts already negotiated by the Republicans to get a vote on raising the debt ceiling passed, the war has just begun and the first shot will have been fired, which officially signals the start for the very soul of this country in the election of 2012. I hate this kind of politics as do most responsible people. In the meantime we all lose as much to get this economy moving will take well over another year of wasted time. Blame whom you like. My blame goes squarely on the Republicans for being unreasonable, stubborn and too idealogical.

The Debt ceiling will be raised with accompanying cuts of several Trillion dollars. The Republicans will call this the first victory in their campaign to shrink the government. The President will call this a victory as at least the debt ceiling was raised and he did not cut any Social Security or Medicare benefits.The Democrats will claim a victory as they stood firm that no more reductions came without standing up for the principle of shared sacrifice as they would not allow any more cuts without raising taxes on the wealthy. The bigger question is what will you see in this outcome, because that is what the fight will be about going forward, your vote for who was reasonable.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post.

I agree with you 100% about Republicans to blame for not agreeing on a tax increase.

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