Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stock market trend: Where we're headed

I have a series of charts this morning, but a little different than previous charts in that each are Weekly charts instead of the usual Daily charts. The value in these charts are that it takes out some of the noise and daily volatility, which makes it more difficult to discern trends.

The charts below, with the exception of the German DAX are all weekly charts covering the past year time period. You will notice there are 100 Day & 200 Day Moving Averages on the US Charts. Oh and if you look at World stock market charts, they appear basically the same.

This last chart below is a Dow 5 year chart and I have drawn many lines showing various support and resistance lines. You can see that for our current time period I have drawn the same slanting downtrend, but now there is a larger context to see this timeframe and possible key levels which will either confirm we continue to drop or we have broken above resistance. For those who are believing we are going to go up from here, pay attention to the red line which crosses at 10,500 on the right axis. If we break below that, we go to the 10,000 level. Also see the red line which crosses at 11,500. That is the tiny box which defines either a rally or a major decline.

I think you get the idea now. The trend is down, we have not really gone much above the lows and it looks as though we are going lower in the weeks ahead. If you doubt that, then buy stocks and Call Options. There will be many willing to sell you their stocks.

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