Thursday, September 29, 2011

Market comments for Sept. 29, 2011: Still in a tight range!

Initial Jobless Claims dropped this week to 391K, which was lower than expected. This data gave the market a boost in premarket. Also reported this morning was a revised GDP number for Q2. The final number reported GDP grew at 1.3%. Both pieces of data were better news than expected and traders are hoping to time the bottom of the market as many are venturing in the past few days. This stems form "hope" the EU has a plan for solving the sovereign debt problem for Greece and that their strategy will be a template for Italy should it be necessary. It's the same action Bernanke is taking, print more money.

A good friend of mine dropped me an email early this morning with an article from ZeroHedge worth reading. Here is the link. The article discusses Fed Chairman Bernanke's speech last night and his concerns about stemming deflation it seems at all costs. This is worth the read. The article is titled, "Goodbye Operation Twist, Hello QE X+1" and was written by Tyler Durden very early this morning.

Now that we recently retested Dow 11,000 and it held, even tough we went below 11,000 for a couple of days, it looks as though we are going to retest Dow 11,500 again for the 3rd time in several months. We seem to be more volatile lately, but we are still holding this tight range of between 11,000 and 11,500. Traders love the daily volatility, but long term investors don't and are looking for a guide to market direction.

UPDATE: 6:00am PST
Germany's lower House of Parliament has approved the expansion of the bailout fund needed for the sovereign debt crisis. Read the news by clicking here.

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