Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11, then and now at the stock market.

As we stop and pause and consider the events of 9/11, on this 10th anniversary, there isn't much I can say as I find myself as speechless as I was on that day, having watched it live on TV that morning. The world stops and remembers those who lost their lives, but the world does moves on, thank God.

I remembered the aftermath and the fact the stock market was closed for about a week and when it opened we took a big hit. The Dow had been as high then as 11,500, but it dropped sharply and over days and weeks went as low as 7,000.

This morning I have put together a 2 year chart of the Dow which will show the the tightening range we have been within the past month. The red lines on the chart below show this range tightening. The triangle is pointing to a further downward trend. The top red line shows that we had a trend headed down and that even though we broke to the upside, we resumed this trend over the past month as the red line was drawn to touch those peaks.

Where are we headed? Well I have drawn the blue arrow indicating where I think it's going and that is down. Could we go down as low as Dow 7,000 ? Yes and unfortunately we can go lower. Not a positive picture of things to come, but the world has changed since 9/11 and it's not been for the better.

The chart below covers June1, 2001 through Dec. 31, 2001 and shows the decline of the markets in the aftermath of 9/11.

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