Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stock market summary and look ahead.

As predicted in yesterday's post, the markets sold off. The Dow closed down 303 points to 10,992, again breaking below the 11,000 level. Looking at the 3 month chart of the Dow, it has been easier for the Dow to go below 11,000 than it has to go over 11,500. The pressure is to the down side. And all the news is to the downside as well. You can see from the chart below that the blue line of the 400 day MA is proving to be resistance as well.

A big test for the Dow is soon coming. The 52 week low is at 10,458 and this will be tested and new lows will be set, in my opinion.

I was at a Berkeley Art Gallery (ACCI) opening show for some of my wife's art and her friends last night. It was a good show. One of the artist husbands and I were discussing the big drop in the market yesterday and he suggested that the drop was because of President Obama's speech. I suggested that this was not the reason for the drop and that it was the European Central Bank's Chief Economist quitting over disagreement with the purchasing of Eurobonds by the ECB. (read yesterday's post). European turmoil will continue to lead our markets direction and I fully expect it to get worse with all markets eventually returning to test the lows of 2009. This level corresponds to 6,400 on the Dow, 675 on the S&P 500 and 1300 on the Nasdaq.

Caution is the word going forward. If you are in cash, you have no worries about the market. If you are long this market I would be protecting my assets by either selling some stocks and taking some money out of the market, or I would hedge my longs with some shorts or even buying some ETF's which go in the opposite direction of their underlying stock Index. This is no time to be taking big risks. The Put to Call ratio has been over 1.00 for the past 29 out of 31 trading days. That is extraordinary!

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