Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupy Wall Street and other protests: A Thought to help you!

I am heartened by the Occupy Wall Street protesters who have endured terrible conditions to make their voices heard. Those of us couch potatoes in the 99%, who see you on the news or read about your bravery in the face of tear gas, police brutality and just the hardship of doing without the simple comforts of home like a bath or use of a toilet, admire you all and support your voices to be heard. We were called the Silent Majority once.

But as one who cares, I am concerned about the storm coming today and tomorrow and what certainly will be a difficult winter and want you to be safe from harm. I ask you to consider the fact that you could go home at night, if you are fortunate enough to have a home or warm place to sleep, as many don't these days. There is no shame in doing this. Come back fresh and rested each day and use that time to organize into small groups which explore possible demands you might have of the government and the 1%. Use the time to think about solutions that can right this wrong. But it does no good to get worn down and possibly sick where your voice can't be heard.

If you have some messages, I am willing to happily post them for you on my Blog. But take good care of yourselves. People in the helping profession know that they are unable to help others if they can't help themselves. So please consider going home in the evenings and take good care of yourselves. We are behind you in spirit and voice.

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Blogger Minneloushe said...

Amen, Charles. The storm is, indeed, howling here in New York, now... (and my Yeats reference is intended).
- jw

1:45 PM  

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