Thursday, October 27, 2011

Markets rally strongly. What's next?

Markets rallied strongly on the Euro zone deal to solve the debt crisis in Greece. It's just a fact. The Dow surged to close at 12,208, the S&P rallied to close at 1284, the Nasdaq to 2738 and finally the Russell rallied to 765. All of these Indexes, except the Russell, surged above their 200 day Moving Averages. They all made a significant breakout, which can't be denied. And they did it on stronger volume, always a good sign for Bulls. This surge makes it possible for the averages to go back to the previous recent highs. For the Dow, that would be about 12,800. For the S&P 500 that would be 1360. For the Nasdaq that would be 2870. And for the Russell it would be first getting over the 200 day MA at 790, but then going on to 860. All this now becomes possible again. As I said, it's just the facts.

We had good economic news coincidently with this market move. GDP for Q3 came in at 2.5%, healthier than some low predictions of 1.5%, but not as strong as the highest ones which were at 3.5%. Initial Jobless claims were still over 400K this week coming in at

Can the markets reverse where they are now and go down? Yes, but if they do one might consider buying on the dips. Remember when we did that long ago? I do.

I have said to watch Europe and the DAX for clues about this market as we have been following Europe. Well the DAX and France's CAC as well as other european markets also surged today.

I have placed 1 year charts of all the Indexes below.

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