Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush on Border Security and the National Guard

Do you really believe the President and this Administration wants to secure the borders? Let's take a look at the results. We have had no attention on this problem for 5 years. Now, with opinion polls sinking as low as the President's ankle, he says he wants to do something about the borders. Give me a break. What he really wants is for you to believe he is doing something to secure the borders while his ever important Business Lobby is looking to hear the loopholes in the plan that guarantees they still can hire those illegal aliens crossing our borders. I suggest you dissect his speech for yourself and look for the loopholes. They will certainly be there.

What a sham and a disgrace. I hope Karl Rove gets indicted sooner rather than later and hopefully this President will start to get better advice than he has for the past 5 years.

UPDATE 5:18pm PST after the speech.
Well, I found one loophole. President Bush identified the employees guilty of hiring these illegal aliens LAST in his speech. That is the expected priority rating of this Administration. In addition, the National Guard will not have the power to engage and apprehend those illegally crossing the border. So what good are they being there? POLITICAL COVER! Did you buy it?


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