Friday, July 14, 2006

Hey G-8, I get no respect!- Kim Jong il of North Norea

North Korea's Kim Jong il must be pulling the rest of his hair out of his scalp. While he sends 7 Missiles into the stratosphere on our July 4th, no sooner than a few days later, Iran gets the world's attention and then the Middle East starts to go crazy with Hamas kidnapping an Israel's soldier. Then Hezbollah in Lebanon kills several Israeli soldiers and captures two more. What does Kim have to do to get some respect? Now the G-8 meeting will not focus on North Korea as Kim had hoped but on the Middle East. Rodney Dangerfield, what can a leader do to get some respect?

If you enjoyed the satire here, think really what Kim Jong il must be considering to get some attention. It is frightening and not because of his saber rattling but the ineptness of our own government headed by the Bush/Cheney team can't manage things in parallel!

UPDATE: July 15, 2006 1:15pm PDT

Well adding insult to injury, the UN Security Council voted unanimously to demand that North Korea must stop its missile testing and that member Nations are not to trade any goods or services with North Korea that support any weapons of Mass Destruction projects or activities or aid in any development of those programs. This is the first unanimous Resolution by the Security Council against North Korea in 13 years. Still no respect for Kim Jong il.


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