Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The "last throws" of the insurgency in Iraq?

VP Cheney surprised reporters yesterday repeating the controversial comment he made in 2005, "We are in the last throws of the insurgency in Iraq." I wonder where he gets the chutzpah or is it chutzpah at all? Sure we all wish his pronouncements would come to be true. But I am afraid this has the ring of "The Boy who called Wolf" so many times that no one believed him when the wolf actually appeared. VP Cheney does a disservice to this country and to the American people by blatantly refusing to acknowledge any mistakes he has made. Even the President has finally come around and admitted mistakes were made, but not Cheney. The problem with someone who exaggerates the truth is that eventually they start believing themselves and ignore the reality on the ground. Who pays the price here? Our brave service men and women. That's who pays and that makes me boiling mad, especially given he avoided the draft. Republicans need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid and wake up, and the Democrats need to get focused and stop fighting between yourselves, as you are your own worst enemy. Listen to Murtha! He has been a constant and is in front on this issue.

Cheney was the one promoting the notion that there was a tie between Al-Quaida and Iraq. Well, now there is, thanks to his invasion. VP Cheney should become the poster child for the Democrats in the 2006 elections. He is a strong statement for change in the Congress and eventually the White House. Thank God we only have to wait until 2008 for him to leave office. I can't take his rhetoric much longer, with over 2500 of our brave soldiers dead and over 20,000 wounded seriously. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!


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