Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July- Americans only day of celebrating freedom, and then it's back to work!

Today is the 4th of July and for most every year I celebrate this day by going to my local parade and pay tribute to our freedom and founding as a country, along with countless others. But this year was different for me. I didn't go to the parade and feel good about our freedom as I had in previous years. This year I made a silent protest. I did fly my crisp flag. But I realized that most Americans celebrate on the 4th of July and pay no attention the rest of the year to what has happened to their basic hard won freedoms.

I have been writing this Blog now for over a year, wanting Americans to wake up and pay attention to the fact our liberty and freedoms are being eroded by this President and VP and their Administration. There are the NSA wire-taps of our phones, bank account transactions being monitored, and recently disclosed information that political demonstrations have been monitored by Homeland Security in the city of San Francisco. If there were ever a city that was peace loving it would be San Francisco. But the Dept. of Homeland Security has been videotaping demonstrations against the war in Iraq as well as protests within the City. This is despicable and a violation of the very freedoms we are suppose to be celebrating we have, today. Please, if you are reading this, don't let the 4th of July be the only day you care about your freedoms. With an assault by the President and VP on the media of late for leaking selective information to us about these programs, they want the press to be silenced. If this happens my friends, we are only a short distance than the conditions, which were present in prewar 1939 Germany. Hitler used the law against the people to seize power of an apathetic and sleeping public. Wake up America! Let's hear from the Silent Majority before it is too late. One day you might wake up and find there aren't any 4th of July celebrations anywhere.


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