Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Train bombings in India- When will world leaders say enough is enough?

World violence has been increasing dramatically since 911. Now we add to the list the Train bombings in India. My question is this, When are world leaders going to recognize it is ultimately in their best interest to join the US, Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy, Japan and others in the fight against terrorism? I was pleased to hear Pakistan's immediate condemnation of the violence in India.

A few big problems in China and Russia and you might see more of a willingness to join the cause. I thought for sure Russia would have been on board with us since their children were blown up in a school while officials seemed powerless to stop them. But Putin has not lived up to Bush's great promise of an ally here. It is time to put both China and Russia on notice that their actions do matter and avoiding any actions is the same as supporting the ideals of terrorism.
The issue with North Korea and Iran will supply ample evidence of their true intentions of both of their countries. We are either united or by default divided.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

World will never say enough esp america.

u didnt wrote anything about muslim or so called terroirst in ur blog. who cares for china russia n korea when u dont even wrote who plotted the bomb.

u r started the blog but write a blog in such a way that everyone understnd the pts and who r the killer (pukistani)

12:46 PM  

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