Friday, July 14, 2006

Middle East conflagration and the Republican and Democratic Responses

And now we have the Middle East on the brink of war with Israel, and the Palestinians, Lebanon and Iran and Syria all in the mix. Where is the leadership from the Bush Administration? Many Republicans and Democrats have called for immediate intervention in a leadership role by the United States. The world has never been more dangerous, nor has the leadership by the US been so weak. This brought to you by a President and VP who follow their own path, dragging willing complicit Republicans along with them. Where are the Goldwater Republicans? Have they faded away? Can't they seize back control of the Republican Party from the Kool-Aid drinking ideologues? For the sake of the world, I hope so. Democrats have been too busy positioning themselves for 2008 and the upcoming 2006 elections. Well wake up folks, while you are playing your electoral violins, the world, including the US is burning! Grab a fire hose and help put out the fires before you get burned too!


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