Monday, June 05, 2006

Gay Marriage Ban and the Senate

Would someone please forward my last Blog posting to the Senate! Seems like they couldn't think of anything to work on, so they are trying to get the Republican base worked up again on the real issues- the Gay Marriage Ban.

What hapened to my list identified below? Maybe most Republican Senators follow President Bush's example - He won't read or listen to the American people and what we want.

Here's what they should be working on. Pick one, PLEASE!!!!!

1) Securing all our Borders
2) No Amnesty for illegal aliens. Go after employers with stiff penalties
3) Registration of Guns & their owners
4) Getting out of Iraq
5) Healthcare for all Americans
6) Inspecting all Cargo coming into U.S. at our Ports
7) Eliminating the tax breaks given to the wealthiest of Americans and the Oil Companies
8) Take Global Warming seriously and reconsider U.S. position with world community on Kyoto protocol
9) An Energy policy that focuses on conservation and renewable sources of energy to make U.S. independent of foreign oil.
10) Reducing the Debt and becoming fiscally responsible once again
11) Using diplomacy to solve our issues rather than war and preemptive strikes
12) Focus resources on catching Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
13) Stem Cell research and funding by our government
14) Centrist politics versus politics of the extreme right and left
15) Congress staying out of personal health decisions like the Terry Shiavo tragedy
16) Paper trail for Election Ballots
17) The Bush Administration to follow the law and go through FISA Court to get authorization for wire-tapping on Americans

Make your choice by adding a comment below. Maybe they will listen to you!

UPDATE: With the President just speaking out on the subject, there is one part I agree with. Let's not let activist judges rule on this, let Americans decide. I think we should too and propose the following by Constitutional Amendment:

1) Elimination of the Electoral College and using Majority votes to decide the Presidency
2) Defining clause that the President is not above the laws passed by Congress even in time of war and that the President's signing statements cannot change Congressional intent of those laws. This would stop illegal wire-tapping without FISA Court approval and require Gov't organizations to follow those laws as intended by Congress.
3) Any failure by the President to actively enforce Border crossing by illegal immigrants is an impeachable offense.


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