Friday, May 26, 2006

What most Americans want, according to polls

Following up on my previous posting titled, "We The People aren't the 'Deciders' but here's a thought!", I have made a list of things the majority of Americans would like their Congress and Senate to take a stand on:

1) Securing all our Borders
2) No Amnesty for illegal aliens. Go after employers with stiff penalties
3) Registration of Guns & their owners
4) Getting out of Iraq
5) Healthcare for all Americans
6) Inspecting all Cargo coming into U.S. at our Ports
7) Eliminating the tax breaks given to the wealthiest of Americans and the Oil Companies
8) Take Global Warming seriously and reconsider U.S. position with world community on Kyoto protocol
9) An Energy policy that focuses on conservation and renewable sources of energy to make U.S. independent of foreign oil.
10) Reducing the Debt and becoming fiscally responsible once again
11) Using diplomacy to solve our issues rather than war and preemptive strikes
12) Focus resources on catching Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
13) Stem Cell research and funding by our government
14) Centrist politics versus politics of the extreme right and left
15) Congress staying out of personal health decisions like the Terry Shiavo tragedy
16) Paper trail for Election Ballots
17) The Bush Administration to follow the law and go through FISA Court to get authorization for wire-tapping on Americans

Too bad we will never get anyone to resolve any of these issues. It is amazing that while polls have shown that most Americans favor the list above, the political leadership has no interest in complying. The reason being is that one can easily define the Lobbyist group that would oppose the change. And it is the Lobbyists that help fund the political races and help officials get re-elected. So you can see the conflict of interest and why we can't win until we change the system. Changing the system might mean using more taxpayer money to fund campaigns, supporting changes to allow for a 3rd party or more to emerge, setting term limits at one term and thereby refreshing Congress every 3rd election, extending a term in Congress to 3 years and various other ideas needing serious consideration. What do you think?


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