Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rep. Duncan Hunter's folly into Presidential politics

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R of CA) and powerful head of the Armed Services Committee has decided to run for President in 2008. He sees the major issue in 2008 being Border Security according to his comments on CNN's Lou Dobbs. He has supported building a 700 mile fence across the 1800 mile border with Mexico. And obviously doesn't think the current Administration and Republican controlled Congress is going to do much about the problem between now and 2008. That doesn't say much about the Republicans and their ability to get this issue resolved, does it? He has been in office for 26 years so he has definitely been part of the problem that long. Now he has admitted that the Congress, even when controlled by Republicans in both Houses, can't tackle this issue. So much for leadership! If he can't convince his colleagues to pass legislation controlling our borders when he controls the purse strings, how is he ever going to do anything as President? Save your money Rep. Hunter, and don't waste it on a run for President.


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