Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Saddam Hussein verdict

Watch how the President and VP react when the verdict is read on Saddam Hussein on Nov. 5th, just 2 days before the elections. Coincidentia? I think not. Listen for the phrases and pronouncements, "Justice is being served in Iraq". "He has been found Guilty of his crimes by a duly elected democratic government". Ha! He should have been tried for War Crimes in the Hague, as he would have gotten a fair trial there. This is going to be a lynching under the guise of a fair trial and we all are going to be happy with the verdict, but that doesn't mean it was a fair trial.

One of Saddam's major crimes was trusting our government back years ago when we did business with him, as pictures have shown him and Donald Rumsfeld. I can't fault Saddam for trusting our government. We have and look where it has gotten us. Make no mistake though in interpreting my comments, Saddam was a bad guy and will deserve whatever he gets.


Blogger libhom said...

Two words immediately come to mind.

"November Surprise!"

12:26 PM  
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