Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's all about me!

Kenyan's without food and starving send their wives to the cities for prostitution so they can buy food, Darfur has a population that is being eliminated through genocide, Global Warming is interesting as long as I don't have to sacrifice. It's all about me instead of us, isn't it. When is humanity going to awaken. Is it going to take a world catastrophe to act? Will it be too late then? I know, it's the holidays and who can afford to spend the time on others when it's about me and what I want. What ever happened to our social conscience? It got sublimated to the Bush/Cheney Administration fear mongering and we all bought in didn't we.

There are people all over the planet that truly care what happens to others. But it isn't enough. When we have a tragedy we want others to be thinking about us. But we must first think of others and that is what Christmas is supposed to be about. Maybe we will get back to the original meaning. Many are suffering more now than ever before. You can start with a random act of kindness and ask the person to pass it on to someone else.


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