Friday, December 01, 2006

Want Iraqis to stand up? Give a timetable for closing the Green Zone!

It seems so obvious, yet nothing is written on the subject. You can't get the Iraqi military to stand up until you get the Iraqi GOVERNMENT to stand up and take charge. The Government officials are too comfortable in the Green Zone so why should they try and get the army and police to stand up? However, you give them a timetable for closing the Green Zone, where they enjoy complete protection against insurgents and the sectarian violence which have resulted in a Civil War, and watch how fast they take action!

Either give the government 6 months to stand up and take control or we will be closing the Green Zone! Right now there is no incentive for Sunnis and Shiites to negotiate with each other. I think this would definitely give them an incentive! Who needs the Baker Commission's recommendations? This suggestion will be better than anything they can come up with. Check back next week, after they have issued their findings, and see if this was correct.


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