Monday, November 27, 2006

Izzat Ibrihim Al-Duri - Is he negotiating for Sunni and Baathists?

Izzat Ibrihim Al-Duri, Saddam's #2 man and the King of Clubs in the deck of wanted Iraqi leaders is still alive and leading the Sunni insurgents according to Missing Link. Could this be the other half (Sunni/Baathist leader) of the negotiating team needed to start peace talks in the region? Could Al Sadr sit and negotiate in good faith with Al-Duri? Could any Shiite and Sunni of power sit and negotiate in good faith a peace and do so for the betterment of the innocent people on both sides affected by the violence? I don't think it is possible even though I pose a hypothetical situation as to who the leaders are on both sides. This problem will not be solved even by the regional powers getting involved of Syria, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. C'est impossible!

That is why the hope placed on the Baker Commission recommendations is all hope and hype and a delay tactic, as no one knows what will work. But Democrats know the only real solution, our LEAVING, will brand them as the cut and run party. It is too much for the Presidential hopefuls to go along with. You see there is politics everywhere and suffering by all involved and no one willing to put others needs ahead of their own narrow ones. We are so imperfect. Even animals don't behave like this. But then again, we know they are better than us and forgive us daily for any transgressions we may have made against them.


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