Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quote of the day by President Bush

"We're going to stay in Iraq as long as the government wants us there!" Can you see what is wrong here? Read it again!

First of all, notice that it has no mention of what the Iraqi people want. In recent polls 75% of Iraqis, both Sunni and Shiite, want us to leave Iraq. Secondly, as long as the current government has our protection in the Green Zone and can't go outside the walls without fear of execution or torture, the government is never going to ask us to leave.

And those of you reading this Blog that voted for this President, are you pleased with his response and where we are now in Iraq? Yes, you say! Then why are you here and not there, say I? Those of you that voted for him and are now frustrated, don't blame him. He has been the same person throughout the past 6 years. Nothing has changed. Then maybe a self-examination is in order to determine how could you have made this mistake and how will you prevent it from happening again. Now for those that are gloating that you didn't vote for him and are therefore blameless, I say how come your message didn't get through to voters or how come you didn't get more to the polls. In any event, we are all responsible for this including me! But I am learning where I made mistakes, are you?


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