Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gingrich's call for curtailed Free Speech. Not on my watch!

Now he's done it! Former Speaker Newt Gingrich tries a little inflammatory rhetoric, which has serious consequences for all Americans, saying that Free Speech may have to be curtailed in order to fight terrorism.

Here we go again, the use of fear to motivate Americans. Don't Republicans have any other methods to motivate voters? I for one am getting a bit tired of this cheap way to get attention and start an expected run for President in 2008.

Mr. Gingrich, don't waste your time or your money in even thinking of a possible run unless you want more Democrats to unseat Republicans. We need more hope in America, not fear. Maybe you should read Senator Barack Obama's new book, "The Audacity of Hope". It has motivated me into looking for candidates that are willing to have some courage rather than more use of fear. That's the problem in America today. Think about how the lack of hope has resulted in so many Americans on Drugs. It's all about escaping the reality of a world that has gone somewhat insane and used aggression against others as a means of coping.

With the Iraq war we have now lost almost as many citizens as we lost on 9/11 and there are almost 10 times that many seriously wounded in a war that we went into because of fear and Ego. Many Americans say things like, "This is the best country in the world!" I use to say that too. But over the last 6 years I have concluded that we "use to be" the best country in the world.

We seem to have lost our conscience and our bravery as a people to stand up and fight for our real liberties and real freedom right here at home. We are breading a younger generation that will rebel similarly to those that did in the 1960's. The country and the world will be better off when they do and even though I am in my 60's, I will join them. In part, that is why I use my own real name in all my posts rather than hiding behind the use of Anonymous in postings elsewhere or behind a screen with an alias name because I am afraid someone might know me and know what I object to. I see who reads my Blog and know I had a visitor from this week. But I am willing to be counted as a force to reckon with when it comes to telling the truth and hanging on to our freedoms. Don't tell me Mr. Gingrich Free Speech should be curtailed to fight terrorism. If anybody's free speech should be curtailed Mr. Gingrich it is yours. You should get on your knees and thank those that have given their lives so you could make such an asinine statement!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gingrich is history and can kiss my ass. Only a loser needs to keep his name in the headlines. He is on the same level as Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton "Wannabees"......

11:54 AM  

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