Friday, January 12, 2007

President Bush repeats his own history, this time, in Iraq

I have been searching for an analogy for this President's decision-making prowess from a historical perspective. I have looked at other Presidents and their folly. But it was only when I examined this President's historical background did I find a reason for his current thinking and repeated mistaken actions with respect to Iraq. It happens he used the same thinking process when he was in the Oil business when he continually poured good money after bad until his company went bankrupt. Does this sound familiar? It should because his strategy for Iraq is throwing away more human lives after others until he has bankrupt our Human Treasure, our young men and women serving our country in the Military. We have all heard from the military experts themselves that the Military is almost broken. This President wants to ensure this job is the one successful one he can do before leaving office.

We have little to do but what is called for in this situation: initiating proceedings to impeach both the President and the Vice President. You can read previous postings such as
HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS to get a list of reasons why we should. But this latest decision should seal their fate alone.

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