Sunday, January 14, 2007

Iraq- On the brink of disintegration?

We all want stability and success in Iraq. There is no easy answer or it would have been taken. Yes, Iraq is broken and just when we hear the President's message of a 20,000 troop surge, Iranian and Syrian meddling in Iraq and threats to intervene with our forces to stop Iran, we see emerging Turkish concerns and threats to invade Northern Iraq's Kurds. Reuters news item is worth reading here. If this happens, there will be no containing the conflict within Iraq's borders and other countries in the region will feel the need to get involved in the conflict to support their own self interests. With Iraq having the second largest Oil reserves in the Middle East, you can see where this is heading.

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Anonymous Nervous Rodent said...

Turkey has invaded Kurdistan many times in the last couple of years, just to take out a few Kurdish terrorist camps, oops, I mean freedom fighters. It's never really amounted to much before, and won't in the future either.

3:30 PM  

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