Thursday, January 18, 2007

The narrow Democratic majority in the Senate and what it means

The first test of the slim margin the Democrats have in the Senate is being conducted as I write this today. The tug of war on the Ethics Reform Bill passed by the House is being held hostage by the Republicans as the Bill, a Rule change, would require a 2/3's approval by the Senate and the Democrats just can't get there. Looking down the road at other issues coming to the body will be issues around how to stop this President from starting a new war with Iran, increase of troop levels and an escalation to the war, and other matters of very serious substance for our country to deal with. It now appears certain that the Democrats will not be able to stop this President, that we will all become more frustrated as a divided nation and that there will be nothing we can do about it until we elect a different President in 2008 who won't take office until January of 2009. My friends this is very depressing indeed.

I now believe we do not have the votes to impeach this President and therefore starting the process may be futile at best. So what can we do? The only way this course of action by our President will change will be when the Republicans decide to join Democrats and do something drastic to stop the powers assumed by this President. And how do we get the Republicans to do that? We give President Bush and VP Cheney more rope and hope they do what they have done all along, ignore the will of the people. It is only when Republicans fear an avalanche against them in 2008 will many jump ship. We need 16 Republican Senators with enough courage like Senator Chuck Hagel, to abandon this President. It won't be the likes of Mitch McConnell, Jeff Sessions of the Senate or the leading Presidential candidates for the Republicans, i.e. John McCain, but it could be people like Olympia Snow, Sam Brownback, Susan Collins, Elizabeth Dole, George Vionivich, Pete Dominici, John Ensign, Richard Lugar, and yes, Trent Lott, Pat Roberts, John Thune and John Warner. This would get us within striking distance for real change. This could preserve the Republican Party. If we fail to get Republicans to abandon this President this would result in a landslide in 2008 for Democrats in both houses of Congress, a Democratic President and absolute Democratic power (Absolute power corrupts absolutely!), which would result in a never ending cycle of corruption and an apathetic populace. So much hangs in the balance here. Wake up America!

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