Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saving Tibet

China hopes to put on a good face to our world during the coming 2008 Olympics. If you've the time, kindly read the in-depth "Rolling Stone" article below (click on URL), entitled "The End of Tibet," which points to 6 things YOU can do to help make the 2008 Beijing Olympics a catalyst for change in occupied Tibet.

The End of Tibet

UPDATE: Feb. 4th, 2007

Do you wonder if writing on this topic gets any attention from the Chinese? Let me put that answer to bed. The highest number of visitors today and every day are from the U.S. So I decided to see which was the next most frequented country citizen that visited my Blog. Surprise, surprise, it was China. Glad you folks over there are keeping up on who's writing what. I know it isn't the people of China who are reading this, so it must be government officials. That's OK, because in America you have a right to read it. So enjoy the visit and don't forget to read the full 7 page story of the Rolling Stones article.


Blogger Yangdon said...

HI, I was wondering how you checked out from what countries people are looking at your blog. Can you please share this with me.

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