Sunday, February 04, 2007

This President needs a Tough Love intervention

The pace of U.S. fatalities for February is already ahead of 2004-2006, as more of our human treasure is lost, to say nothing of our treasury. It seems history repeats itself for this President George Walker Bush. This is the same man that when he was going bankrupt in his Oil business threw more good money after bad, until he was finally bankrupt and Mommy and Daddy bailed him out with the help of the House of Saud. When a bailout is really needed, the House of Saud is nowhere to be found. I guess they too have learned their lesson with our President and aren't willing to finance his pleasures again.

With the Budget process here, the President has the audacity for asking this Congress for over $625 Billion for the Military. I pray and hope this Congress can clip his wings and send him cup in hand to the Saudi's for a handout. We sure could use it!

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