Sunday, February 18, 2007

Policy on Iraq is about Oil but not what you think

The Bush/Cheney policy that drove us into Iraq was not WMD or other stories about a terrorist haven there. It was about OIL. But it wasn't that we had hoped to capture a source of oil for ourselves, nor did we want to really help the Iraqi's share in the profits of their oil supply revenue. It was about keeping the Middle East in turmoil so that Oil prices would stay high.

As you look to the chart shown here you can see the effect of the years of this Administration on the price of Oil on the right of the chart. It has gone above the 1979 spike in the center of the chart. Add to this the fact that both Bush and Cheney are Oil men and add to the mix that 2006 brought the highest profits in history to big Oil companies and their executives. That is why the President is rattling his saber with Iran. That is why there is no diplomatic effort to get the Iranians and Syria involved in talks. Because as long as there is turmoil, war and sectarian violence, Oil prices will continue to climb, as will gasoline prices.

There are ample stockpiles in our strategic oil reserve, and this Administration is doing all it can to keep the conflict going because the big fear is that if there is a peaceful solution to this conflict, Oil will once again go below $30 per barrel and Middle East countries will feel the pinch, especially the friends of the Bush's; the House of Saud in Saudi Arabia.

You want to do something to help end this war? Try using less gasoline, start saving energy and start promoting higher gasoline taxes to cut demand. It is the American people that can truly make a difference here, not the politicians. Start now.

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