Monday, March 19, 2007

BBC poll of Iraqi's linked here

These are a sample of some of the key questions and responses by Iraqi’s to a poll conducted by BBC.

Q11. I would like to ask you about today’s conditions in the village/neighbourhood where you live. Would you rate (insert item here) as very good, quite good, quite bad, or very bad?

The supply of electricity
2007 2005 2004
% % %
Very good 2 11 8
Quite good 11 35 27
Quite bad 37 30 28
Very bad 51 24 37
Refused/don’t know - 1 1

(Comment: 88% say it is "bad" in 2007 as compared to only 54% in 2005)

The availability of medical care
2007 2005 2004
% % %
Very good 8 27 17
Quite good 23 35 34
Quite bad 35 23 24
Very bad 34 13 22
Refused/don’t know - 2 3

(Comment: 69% say it is "bad" in 2007 compared to only 36% in 2005. Availablity of Medical Care for the occupied population is required in the Geneva Convention.)

Q16. I am going to name a number of organizations. For each one, please tell me if you have a great deal of confidence, quite a lot of confidence, not very much confidence, or none at all?

US and UK occupation forces
2007 2005 2004 2003
% % % %
Great deal of confidence 6 7 8 7
Quite a lot of confidence 12 11 17 12
Not very much confidence 30 23 23 20
None at all 52 55 43 52
Refused/don’t know - 5 8 9

(Comment: 82% say they are "Not confident" in 2007 compared to only 78% in 2005)

Q17 There can be differences between the way government is set up in a country, called the political system. From the three options I am going to read to you, which ONE do you think would be the best for Iraq now?
2007 2005 2004
% % %
Strong leader: a government headed by one man for life 34 26 28
Islamic state: where politicians rule according to religious principles 22 14 21
Democracy: a government with a chance for the leader to be replaced from time to time 43 57 49
Refused/don’t know - 3 4

(My Comment: Seems like there is a growing number of people wanting a strong leader; one man for life, like Saddam Hussein, I guess)

Q23 Who do you think currently controls things in our country; is it the Iraqi government, the United States, somebody else, or no one?
2007 2005
% %
Iraqi Government 34 44
United States 59 24
Somebody else 4 17
No one controls things 3 6
Refused/don’t know - 9

(My Comment: Let there be no doubt that Iraqi's hold the U.S. responsible for control of their country)

Q24 Since the war, how do you feel about the way in which the United States and other Coalition forces have carried out their responsibilities in Iraq? Have they done a very good job, quite a good job, quite a bad job, or a very bad job?
2007 2005
% %
A Very Good Job 6 10
Quite a Good Job 18 27
Quite a Bad Job 30 19
A Very Bad Job 46 40
Refused/don’t know - 5

(My comment: So the President wants to give him and the Military more time to do their job. According to this last piece of data, 79% of Iraqi's say we are doing a BAD job in 2007 compared to 59% in 2005)

For the entire poll and the results click on this BBC link. read each question and draw your own conclusions. This poll has been taken only 3 times since the war started and this time they had more than 2000 Iraqi's participating in the survey.

This is very valuable data as we enter the week to debate this war in Congress with proposed legislation to set some benchmarks for the Iraqi's and proposed withdrawal dates of U.S. forces. What's your take on the poll? (Please also participate in my Mini poll on the right sidebar.)


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