Tuesday, April 03, 2007

End game for the Democrats in defeating Bush on the Iraq war.

Every news media anchor person is saying that no one knows where this latest confrontation is headed with the President over funding of the war in Iraq, because the Democrats don't have the votes to stop Bush. This is absolutely a false statement. The Democrats don't need 60 votes to override the veto of the president. It is the President that needs the Democrats to approve spending. If the Senate stays in gridlock, the funding will not be approved and the troops will have to come home. Ultimately the President knows this and will either come with hat in hand, looking for some compromise, or will try to blame the Iraq war aftermath on the Democrats. None will believe the Democrats created this mess no matter how Karl Rove tries his best. This was, is and will be Bush's war and his legacy, period! Democrats and courageous Republicans like Hagel need to hang tough. You are doing your best service to your country by bringing the troops home sooner rather than later. You will be saving our soldier's lives.

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