Tuesday, April 24, 2007

U.S. Casualties for April: Crying for humanity

On this sad, tragic day in the Iraq war, we have reached 86 deaths so far this month, with still one week to go. The chart shows that there is an ever-increasing death rate, from the very beginning of the war, to now. This fact reveals similar conditions were shown in the Vietnam war. It proceeded a significant increase in troop levels then, and God forbid, this Administration uses similar thinking and strategy. They are becoming more desperate to show they have the answers by even more increases in troop levels.The chart shows that the fatalities are increasing steadily with Al-Quaida using suicide bombers to show their determination. There appears to be an infinite supply of these individuals willing to give up their lives for what they see as their just cause.

What a tragedy for every human life lost. Has the species gone mad? It appears so. My wife has said to me many times that the signals are all there, we may have over extended our welcome on planet earth and may become as extinct as the dinosaurs. The earth is reacting to our presence by presenting us with a result of our collective actions: Global Warming. Scientists say we have only 10 years left to reverse the tend before it can't be stopped and Mother Earth melts its Polar Ice packs and floods wipe out millions of us, saving us from ourselves. What a tragedy. And the real tragedy is that most of us humans are asleep to see how we personally are all connected in causing these problems.

But, most of us believe someone else is doing it, not me. And for many on this planet, the solution is killing; killing themselves through solitary suicide, others through murder and wars, and still others by suicide bombing and blowing themselves up to join God. They believe in a heaven and believe these actions will get them there sooner, rather than later. The so-called religious clerics commit sins against God and nature by supporting and encouraging this behavior. Evidently, they don't believe as their "good" book tells them that there is also a hell. If you believe in a God, ask yourself are we humans fit to be in their presence when we are gone given our support for war, killing, murder, access to guns not for their need to kill game for our food needs but for the "sport" of it. And be sure to look yourself in the eye in front of your mirror without looking away, when you answer that question.

Now the data:
Dec. to April 2005 U.S. Fatalities were 324
Dec. to April 2006 U.S. Fatalities were 292
Dec. to April 2007 U.S. Fatalities were 443 (so far with one week remaining for April)

Do you still see the "surge" working?

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