Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So much for the "surge"!

Huge attacks in Iraq were in mass today in Baghdad where at least 127 were killed with more than 138 injured. It is a direct attack against the security plan of the U.S. to bring Baghdad under control. It seems the insurgents can change tactics confounding our forces and Iraqi government forces on a regular basis. There were 6 car bombs today.

In addition the U.S. fatalities continue to climb to the highest levels of the war. This month there has been 64 so far. And we are on our way to this month concluding 6 months of the highest death rate since the war began 5 years ago.

With the death of 33 at Virginia Tech and all the attention from the media that is being showered on this tragedy, as it should be, it brings to mind why aren't we morning the U.S. soldiers every week in the same manner. One reason for this is that coverage of the caskets coming home from Iraq has changed in this war than that of the Vietnam war, where we saw many ceremonies of returning caskets and funerals. This Administration has worked hard at keeping us sanitized from the pain and suffering facing the Nation from the loss of these brave men and women who serve their country without questioning authority and following orders. It is up to us, as civilians, to stand up for them and use the freedoms they defend for us, to express outrage over this war of choice by Bush and Cheney.

In his new book, George Tenet, former head of the CIA under this President, has documented and made the case that this President and especially this Vice President would not listen to any intelligence that did not support their desire to go to war. Not only did they cherry pick what facts they wanted to highlight from the intelligence, they added more color to the intelligence reports and promoted fear to the intelligence community to flush out even more bias to support going to war. The Administration was obsessed with going to war coming into office.

We must be willing to face the reality of this war. The facts are that the war is lost! The Democrats didn't lose this war, the Republicans didn't lose this war, the President, VP and this Administration flush with incompetence lost this war and don't let any Karl Rove's manipulation of language and propaganda make you believe differently. The President would love to pass this war on to Democrats so he can blame them for losing the war, but history and his legacy, will show differently. Much data on this incompetent Administration exists for historians to review, starting with the case for WMD and the lies that were told about yellow cake uranium being purchased in Niger in the President's State of the Nation speech, to the total incompetence in responding to Hurricane Katrina and handling the rebuilding of New Orleans. We will never forget, nor forgive such incompetence, trickery and lies not to mention the suspension of the Constitution as the foundation of all law in this country. This will be seen as Americas's darkest period.

UPDATE: It turned out that I was premature in identifying 127 deaths yesterday, as it turned out to be close to 200 at the end of the day in Iraq.

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