Saturday, May 12, 2007

The fundamental truth and only options left in Iraq

Read these words carefully: "BAGHDAD — The commander of U.S. forces in northern Iraq said Friday that he did not have enough troops to deal with the escalating violence in Iraq's Diyala province, an unusually frank assertion for a top officer and a sign that American military officials might be starting to offer more candid and blunt assessments of the war."

This story by the L.A. Times suggests 2 things:

1) First, we can't solve the crisis in Iraq because we don't have the troops!
2) We have been lied to all along by our Military leaders, as they haven't had the courage till now to offer candid assessments!

I can't think of any other evidence needed to bring the troops home before another is killed unnecessarily. Unless you want a DRAFT reinstated, because that is what it is going to take, you supporters of the Bush policy should start speaking out and siding with the opposition to the war.

Read the entire L.A. Times story by clicking here.

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