Friday, May 04, 2007

Funding the Iraq War- Mini poll

A new Mini poll has been posted regarding the Funding of the war in Iraq. The question is, Should the Congress:

1) Give Bush all the funds requested
2) Include non-binding benchmarks
3) Include restrictions on funds
4) Cut off the funds
5) Vote to stop the war

The former mini poll asked the following question:

As we approach the 4th Anniversary of the Iraq War, which of these 2008 political candidates do you see as mature and informed on Iraq, and has good ideas, as to how to resolve this conflict?

Results of the Poll showed the following % of the vote:

Senator Joe Biden the winner with 22%
Senator Barack Obama next with 19%
Al Gore with 15%
None of the others with 11%

All the other candidates were in the single digits.

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