Monday, April 30, 2007

Price of war and incompetence: U.S. Fatalities for April

U.S. fatalities in Iraq for the month of April reached 104 as of this last day of the month at 10:00am P.S.T. So here's the run down for this month and previous months:

April 104
March 82
February 80
January 83
December 112

5 Month Total = 461

How does this compare to last year:

April 76
March 31
February 55
January 62
December 68

5 Month Total = 292

In addition, April 2005 had only 52 Fatalities, or half that of this month. So the trend is going up fast.

As you can clearly see from the numbers above, things are not getting better in Iraq, if you use U.S. Fatalities as the benchmark. This most likely will result in the summer months being the worst of the entire war. I hope this does not come to pass, but this does not bode well for our soldiers, their families. and our country. And we have President Bush and VP Cheney that both separately remind me of that picture of the 3 monkeys, hear no evil, see no evil, and speak n evil! How true it is. Denial is a permanent state for these 2 supposed leaders. They need to be held accountable and as Rep. Murtha said on Face the Nation, IMPEACHMENT is an available tool to deal with them.

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